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Buy San Francisco Sourdough Snack Gifts - sourdough snacks that have the taste and crunch you crave. Best new snack gift ideas - stop serving the same old snacks. Homemade healthy sourdough bites for cooking and snackin'.

Buy San Francisco sourdough gifts for this year's giving. A great snack idea. And our sourdough snack gifts are just what the chef ordered. Snack gifts are loved by everybody whether during holidays or anytime of the year. We do snack every day, right? Snack gift ideas eluding you just when you need to think of something fast and special? We offer sourdough snack gifts with our crisp bread bites perfectly oven toasted in five savory "Gee, this is so good" and one sweet flavors. You can buy snack gifts online here, and have them delivered to the door of your gift within a couple of days. So easy and convenient. Great snacks, ready to pop out of the package into your eaters' mouths, and the appreciation will roll in for a snack whose time has come.

Snack gift idea eluding you? Our sourdough snack gifts in bite sized morsels are for you, each with just the right coating of our six flavors. Homemade food gifts – ordered online are becoming more popular, and we're the craft kitchen to provide the best homemade snack goodies. From sourdough bread being made by Milt at home for 15 years with a wild yeast starter he’s carefully nurtured like any sourdough baking master. Healthy homemade snack gifts are a must in these days of lifestyles going more and more healthy. Our Morsels are healthy, with organic ingredients, and the natural health properties of sourdough with its wild yeast starter.



Primo Parmesan


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Morsel Sampler - All 4 Flavors!

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Simply Sea Salt


Killer Garlic


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