Crazy Crumbs Parmesan

Crazy Crumbs Parmesan

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Buy Parmesan Sourdough Breadcrumbs - S.F. Sourdough Bread and Parmesan Cheese. Homemade, Ready to Eat, Healthy and Organic.

Ummm. Parmesan bread crumbs - perfectly oven roasted and crumbled, with that perfect Parmesan cheese taste. We make ours from San Francisco sourdough bread. So you have the best of two worlds: the world's favorite bread and the beloved Italiano Parmesan.  Best breadcrumbs to buy, here's how you can use them. Bread your select veggies like green beans, carrots or onion rings, and bake or fry. Beats French Fries. Meatball Binder: Combine with meat, egg, herbs and spices to craft the perfect homemade meatballs. For the extra special crunch casserole, toss with olive oil, add your favorite seasonings, and sprinkle over the casserole during the last minutes of baking. Buy Parmesan bread crumbs that are organic and baked - ideal for a healthy diet. Shop today, and bookmark us to come back for more. And try out our other delicious products.

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