What is a morsel?

Margot’s Morsels are unique, super-crunchy, crazy good bite sized snacks that are made in artisanal style, with our naturally leavened sourdough bread, and flavored with organic garlic, Italian parmesan cheese, sea salt and olive oil.  These little beauties have been baked to perfection and are deliciously addictive.  Great by the handful with your favorite drink, for dipping and as tasty additions to salads, soups, sandwiches, and pasta dishes.

Best savory snacks – healthy and great for a party or anytime snacking.

Our story

Without Milt, we would not have Margot's Morsels. Milt took up bread baking as a hobby over 15 years ago, perfecting his sourdough bread to what it is today.  To maximize all that yummy bread, Margot turned them into morsels and shared the morsel love with friends and family who couldn't get enough.  And now we share them with you!

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hand made

Our savory snack bites are made with San Francisco organic sourdough bread that is naturally fermented from the finest organic flours.  This heavenly bread is what gives Margot's Morsels their legendary taste.

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All the ways you can eat morsels

There are so many great ways to enjoy your tasty Margot's Morsels. These one dip wonders are perfect with hummus or a favorite dip. A natural with a Caesar salad, on top of your Mac and Cheese or on your veggies for a bit of epic crunch, or with homemade tomato soup.  The possibilities are endless.

Here are a few delicious recipes that can be paired with Margot's Morsels.



Buy San Francisco Sourdough Snacks - Homemade, Healthy Snacks.

Sourdough snacks, crisps or bites have been enjoyed by snackers for over 3,000 years. Snacks from sourdough were part of cuisine fare in Egypt where sourdough was accidentally (a top foodie moment in history) discovered over three millennia ago. Or 170 years ago an 1849 California Gold Rush miner taking a small chunk of his sourdough bread, pan-cooking it with butter and giving it a few shakes of extra salt, then biting in for a deeply satisfying taste and crunch on a bitter cold evening. Healthy savory snacks are gaining popularity as consumers are bringing their snacks into an overall healthy lifestyle. Best savory snack – we invite you to go for our baked sourdough bites. They have a delectably unique taste, gently crunch with every chew, and are made of healthy ingredients. And finally, our snacks are baked, packaged and ready to eat. They're homemade too. Made by hand in our craft kitchen from start to finish. No shortcuts. Just old-fashioned sourdough quality. 

Our San Francisco Sourdough bread is the perfect, natural place to start (as in starter) for a snack. We all know how well a slice of sourdough bread compliments so many meals (or can be a great biscuit or pancake). Its now a homemade snack that’s bite size, baked to perfection as a sourdough crisp and ready for eating as-is or dipping into something scrumptious, or tossing into soups or salads for that extra taste-and-feel delight.

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