What is a morsel?

A morsel is a bite-sized snack that is made from handmade sourdough bread and coated in a variety of savory flavors.  These little beauties can be eaten by the handful with a cool beverage or sprinkled on your salad, soup or pasta to add crunch and epic flavor to your favorite dish.

Where can I buy Margot’s Morsels?  

In addition to the website, Margot’s Morsels are sold at some Farmers Markets in Northern California and expanding into retail.  Check here to see where you can purchase your morsels.
Are your morsels gluten free?
No, our morsels are not gluten free, however, they are made with organic flours which are naturally fermented which makes them more digestible than many breads.
Are Margot’s Morsels organic?
Margot’s Morsels are made with natural ingredients including organic garlic and wheat but is not certified organic.  They do not contain any fake stuff.
I have food allergies.  Can I eat morsels?
All our morsels are made with wheat and the parmesan morsels contain milk. While our partners use best practices to clean and manage their facilities, we urge you to consider your own personal health situation before consuming our products. If you have specific questions about allergens that can’t be answered from our product descriptions, please ask us directly, via: info@margotsmorsels.com
 Are Margot’s Morsels vegan?
Our Killer Garlic, Rockin' Rosemary and Simply Sea Salt morsels are vegan.
 Are Margot’s Morsels Non-GMO?
All Margot's products are NON-GMO.

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