Healthy, Popular Sourdough Snacks - For Adults, Teens and Kids. Crunchy. Perfect for anytime snacking or adding to soups, salads or whatever. Kid's solo snacking or gatherings - yes, they love 'em.

Healthy snacks for kids or adults aren't that easy to find, and you don’t know if the snack you buy will be loved or snubbed. Kids, as we all know, can be choosey. Adults can be more polite about it, but they too can be fussy. Our sourdough snacks are homemade, beginning with the best quality San Francisco sourdough bread from our very own starter. They’re tasty. They’re crunchy. Healthy snacks are our middle name: natural, organic ingredients; baked in ovens (not fried); made from “wild yeasts” and lactic acid bacteria (also appears in yogurt and kefir) which are health friendly; and on the nutrition front our morsels are more nutritious than regular bread due to its natural fermentation process.

So, kids, teens and adults of all ages are going to be snacking healthily on our Margot’s Morsels while enjoying the "Gee, this is good" flavors in each morsel and the unique “sourdough crunch.”

Coming in six flavors, these morsels are the perfect popular snacks for afternoons, after school, parties, picnics, evening munchies and late night TV binging.

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