Sourdough Croutons

Why are our croutons so divinely delicious? Because they are made with fresh, authentic San Francisco sourdough bread.  Our handmade croutons are then flavored with the finest organic ingredients and baked to golden perfection in small batches.   Perfect for your Caesar salad or bowl of tomato soup.

These healthy and super crunchy little beauties will not only be the perfect toppers to many dishes, but chances are, you will find yourself nibbling on them by the handful before you even begin to sprinkle them on your soups and salads. 

Available in four flavors - garlic, Parmesan, rosemary and sea salt - they are destined to become a pantry staple.  Get your crunch on!

Buy Sourdough Croutons, Homemade, Healthy. Parmesan, Garlic, Rosemary, Sea Salt. Ready to Eat Packaged. Some Are Vegan. 

San Francisco sourdough croutons - buy the freshest croutons online, get them delivered fast to your door. Delicious cuisine accoutrements for your dining, and convenient. Sourdough bread makes the best croutons for soups, salads, toppings - more. Why? The incredible taste and unique crunch. Plus, ours are healthy and organic, seasoned and baked to perfection. Try them today. You'll be back soon to order again and again. Garlic sourdough croutons or parmesan, rosemary sourdough croutons, or perfect sea salt croutons - we've got your favorite flavors. Vegan bread croutons - we have them. 


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