Killer Garlic

Killer Garlic

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For all you garlic lovers out there, these morsels are for you.  Coated in fresh, organic garlic, sea salt and olive oil, these super-crunchy, tasty bites are impossible to resist. 

Munch on them straight out of the bag, with a sandwich, salad or soup. They are also the perfect size to dip into your favorite hummus or dip.  However you choose to eat them, it will be hard to not eat the whole bag in one sitting. They say garlic is good for you, so share the wealth with those lucky enough to be included.

*Due to the use of fresh garlic, strength of flavor may vary.

Buy garlic bread toast snacks - a national favorite. Sourdough and garlic toast. The oldest snack in history. Homemade garlic bread toast bites right out of the oven. Shop online. 

Garlic bread snacks or bites are an anytime fav with everybody. Everybody knows that garlic bread goes with so many good things. But it's also a snack just by itself that’s satisfying down to our taste bud roots. That’s why garlic bread snacks are so popular in 2021 and on into the 21st century. We take fresh organic garlic and homemade organic sourdough bread into a union that’s so much better than chips, pretzels or other conventional snacks. Our morsel bites are savory delicious by themselves, or they love diving into your favorite dips for another dimension of flavor and crunch. Buy our garlic bread snacks online now and have them delivered fast right to your door - so convenient and so tasty.


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