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Buy homemade vegan snacks - baked sourdough bread snacks. Bite size, with the delicious sourdough taste and crunch. Healthy vegan snacking. Shop online.

Buy homemade vegan snacks from Margot's Morsels, the newest snack that's actually the oldest snack in the world - dating back to ancient Egypt. So good crunchy vegan snacks made from San Francisco sourdough bread - so popular they’re among our best sellers nationwide. The vegan lifestyle includes healthy snacks for those times that snacking urge comes roaring in to eat a little something so tasty and so crunchy. You’ve done potato chips, taco chips, alt-grain chips, alt-grain crackers and rice snacks. Our two homemade vegan snacks are made from sourdough bread - a seeming new idea but was enjoyed 3,000 years ago. Coming in two popular flavors: real garlic cloves, or a drizzle of olive oil and a dash of sea salt. 

They’re healthy vegan snacks – organic ingredients, wild yeast (similar to kefir), and baked in our craft kitchen ovens. So, no frying. Homemade vegan snacks you can buy online. That’s right. Home made you can buy right now in our store and shipped fast right to your home door. Milt, our chef, has been home baking his own sourdough bread for fifteen years, keeping his “starter” perennially going and perfecting his sourdough bread into must-have for meals and snacks. Best vegan snacks - come back again and again for our Morsels, great for yourself, family or friends, or a party. 



Simply Sea Salt


Killer Garlic


Crazy Crumbs Garlic


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