Expecting flowers and candy? That's better than fire and brimstone!

February 14 can feel like an occasion invented by “that” greeting card company or “that” candy maker capitalizing on a lull in the calendar. I know we can do better.  What is more loving than doing something special for someone you love or heck, even yourself? Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to search for the perfect gift for my loved ones when the occasion calls for it but there are so many ways to show someone you love them. 

Since romantic restaurants aren’t operating as they usually do anyway, this seems like the perfect opportunity to do whatever it is that makes you happy. This year Valentine’s Day falls on Sunday which makes it feel more like a family day than an occasion for one of those expensive prix fixe dinners or extravagant gift-giving. How about a lovely family brunch or breakfast, maybe even in bed? Celebrate the day the way you want to! I’ve found lots of recipes that are easy to make and make for a fun breakfast or brunch. This one surprised even me and I tried it using Margot’s Morsels Primo Parmesan – it’s like a “morsel-crumb” nest of fried eggs. And, who could argue with a waffle bar for the whole family?

Breakfast or brunch

Then you have the whole day to do something special or nothing at all. Stream movies or get out and go on a bike ride or, a hike. I’ve already made my reservation and am planning to take Milt to Muir Woods since we’re so close. It takes some planning but worth it.

hike in muir woods

Whether you choose some outdoor fun or learn a new skill, like a cocktail master class, look at doing something that makes you smile or even laugh. Indulge in some fancy takeout, rock out to your favorite playlist, treat yourself to some well-deserved self-care, buy yourself an extravagant flower arrangement, or dream about future travel plans whenever they might come.

large bouquet of flowers

Just the two of you?  We love to cook together and there are so many options If you want to make it special and still have sandwiches for later in the week, how about a beautiful rib roast? We usually do it for New Year’s Eve and it comes out perfectly every time and lets you play with sides and dessert while it cooks itself…long and slow. And, if it’s just you? What could be better than being with your favorite “Gal-entines?” Gather around a bonfire and have an outdoor champagne and s’mores gathering at the beach. Or even spending the day just taking care of yourself...read, give yourself a mani/pedi, watch your favorite movies, or take a long walk.

bonfire on the beach

Most of all, I want to give my love to all of you that have followed my morsel journey. Gratitude doesn’t seem like a big enough feeling but that’s what I want to spread to all of you and your loved ones. If nothing else, let’s call it a day to spread the love and morsels along with all the sweet and fragrant paraphernalia. Mmmmwah!

candy hearts







I’ll continue to post recipes for my own family but, as always, if you’d like me to cover something else, or just give want to give me feedback, please do it at info@margotsmorsels.com. I’ll continue to tell you what’s happening in my kitchen and coax my husband, Milt, to guest blog on his baking adventures.  

If you are in the San Francisco bay area, come to the farmer’s markets in the North Bay Area and look for us. Right now we’re in Mill Valley and Marin Country Mart in Larkspur.  I would love to meet you and find out how you use morsels. Don’t forget to Get Your Crunch On! 


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