“Leftover” Grilled Cheese

Individual serving. This is the best and you can cook it almost any way you like. If you have a grill that’s easy to fire up…go for it. If you prefer stovetop, grilling with a grill pan or even just a skillet, that’s great! I like to use oozy, gooey cheese in this because this is, after all a “Grilled Cheese” sandwich.

  • Thick cut French bread, from a boule will give you a nice big sandwich
  • Leftover turkey
  • Leftover cranberry sauce—that homemade is the best but I’m not above pulling out a can of sauce from the pantry! You know you have one in there.
  • Brie cheese
  • Havarti cheese or any melty cheese of your choice, depends on your taste

Assemble your sandwiches: cheeses, cranberry sauce, turkey – then butter both sides of the outside of your sandwich lightly and make sure everything is at room temp. Then, toss them on the grill. Be careful, they will cook QUICKLY! Or, if you like a little of that crispy char, start them on the edge and then move them to the center…watch them because once that cheese melts, you’re cooked!

If you have a panini maker, you know what to do. In a grill pan on the stove, start at a low temp and then raise it at the end to take it to the brown crusty level you like.

With a side of Margot's Morsels, maybe Rockin' Rosemary? Why not.


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